Winterhaven is a dog kennel based outside Janesville, Minnesota, that focuses on the breeding, hunting, and training of Épagneul Bretons (colloquially known as French Brittanys
or French Brittany Spaniels). 

The Épagneul Breton is a breed of gun dog bred for bird hunting.  French brittanys have a slightly smaller build than their more common cousin, the American Brittany, and tend to have an overall calmer nature. 

Épagneul Bretons typically have tri-color (black, orange, and white), liver and white, orange and white, or black and white coloring.  Their patterns can be either clear or roan (a mixture of light and dark hairs). 

French Brittanys have an intelligent and sweet disposition and tend to make wonderful family pets. They can have high energy, particularly when they are young, but pleasing their master is always their first priority. 


Breeder of the Épagneul Breton

Providing training, breeding, and stud services for Épagneul Bretons (French Brittanys), hunting dogs and loyal companions for the whole family.

News - June 18, 2012:

More new photos of Val’s and Elyn’s puppies!

Click here for cuteness.

Also, GNEBGDC Training Event this weekend!

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